European Economy Concept

Case Study: Helping Manufacturers Balance Boycott and Anti-Boycott Obligations

As part of an international law firm, we understand pressures on manufacturers created by Arab boycott regulations and U.S. or European anti-boycott laws. Challenge: A Fortune 100 manufacturer encountered boycott-related disclosure requirements in a number of North African and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Like many other manufacturers who export internationally, it simultaneously had to […]


Client Alert: SAGIA Speeds up

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) recently introduced new online services, through which an Investor can apply for an investment license online. This will spare a lot of time, effort and cost for the Investor and expedite the acquisition of an investment license. One of SAGIA’s new services is the Special Track application process, […]


Client Alert: World Bank Conference on Islamic Finance

This month, the World Bank Group’s Global Islamic Finance Development Center (GIFDC) launched its Annual Symposium on Islamic Economics and Finance in Istanbul. Experts from all around the world discussed the role of Islamic finance in the global economy. It was aimed at promoting the exchange and advancement of ideas and reinforcing innovation in Islamic […]


Case Study: Serving a Worldwide Leader in Hospitality

Challenge: A leading hospitality provider and its affiliates have operated for decades in Egypt. This combination of one of the world’s leading hospitality providers and one of the world’s premier travel destinations means that this provider needs constant legal assistance to support its ongoing business activities. Solution: Inspired by how our client serves its guests, […]

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