As part of an international law firm, we understand pressures on manufacturers created by Arab boycott

regulations and U.S. or European anti-boycott laws.


A Fortune 100 manufacturer encountered boycott-related disclosure requirements in a number of North

African and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Like many other manufacturers who export

internationally, it simultaneously had to comply with U.S. anti-boycott laws.


Relying on our extensive regional experience, we advised the client about the appropriate level of

disclosure for each national authority. We coordinated the efforts of our network of local counsels in the

region as well as our celebrated Washington-based International Trade team to make sure that our

client complied with regulations on both sides of the Atlantic.


Now, the manufacturer flourishes in the region as it has returned to producing and exporting at full

capacity after addressing boycott concerns.

Article originally posted September 16, 2015

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