Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president of the United Arab Emirates and the prime minister of Dubai, issued a law establishing the Dubai Digital Authority.

He declared that the new authority has the function of digitizing life in Dubai and not just digitizing Dubai government services.

The law provided that the authority would have the competence to propose public policies, strategic plans and initiatives in relation to e-government, propose manuals and standards on digital government, and ensure that government agencies were committed to implementing the adopted policies and standards on digital government, digital transformation, dissemination and exchange of government data and information security in coordination with the concerned authorities.

Dubai Digital Authority aims to achieve several strategic objectives, mainly to

  •  Strengthen the digital status of the Emirate of Dubai,
  •  Support its efforts towards intelligent and digital transformation,
  •  Contribute to maintaining a high level of quality in the delivery of digital services to members of society and its various groups.
  • Develop a secure digital environment aimed at protecting and controlling data, information systems and the communication network in all sectors of the country.
  •  Ensure the happiness and well-being of the community through the use of digital technology.

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