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Legal advice to help businesses grow
Mergers and Acquisitions

Our core business is providing legal advice to help businesses grow. As businesses expand, we draw upon our intimate knowledge of local and regional markets, and expertise across a range of industries, including telecom, information technology, oil and gas, and finance. We are bolstered by our experience in guiding businesses through acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and spin-offs.

We regularly advise buyers and sellers through the entire transaction life-cycle, from the structuring of the transaction to its closing. Our lawyers have the industry knowledge and foresight to prevent problems in the negotiation phase of transactions. When appropriate, we consult with our expansive network of lawyers in specialized industries, reaching across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

The key to successful business alliances is the work that precedes it. From due diligence to carefully considering and balancing procedures for deadlock resolution, our lawyers ensure that every step of the transaction is negotiated in concordance with our client’s best interests. Our team assists clients in evaluating alliance opportunities from a legal perspective and determining the best structure for the relationship in light of unique client concerns regarding equity ownership, operational control, and asset and capital contribution.

Our team has helped facilitate the growth of government contractors and multinationals as well as regional and local companies through the negotiation and implementation of various joint venture structures. We have experience in structuring ventures in a variety of industries, including oil and gas development, manufacturing, defense, telecommunication, food production, and finance.

Private Equity and Venture Capital
Investors operate in a difficult economic environment and face increasingly intricate regulatory and risk management considerations, which we assist in navigating. After deal closing, we offer our clients a range of post-acquisition services to assist them with respect to tax and employee benefits and other compliance matters. Investors can face further challenges to the successful completion of transactions in the form of regulatory obstacles. Our lawyers help them adapt. We have experience advising participants at every end of the investment spectrum from entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, buyout funds, to institutional investors.
Intellectual Property
We understand the value of ideas and that all companies must ensure they are protected against intellectual property theft. IP rights in Egypt and throughout the region are lightly regulated and require the highest level of legal protection. We have experience providing this assistance to start-up companies as well as established multinationals in the region. Our team can successfully handle complicated IP litigation matters within Egypt and the MENA region.
Corporate Compliance and Governance
Our corporate compliance practice is a mainstay of our firm. We regularly provide legal advice to clients, both before and after the initial formation process, and our capabilities extend beyond the regulatory framework in Egypt and throughout the MENA region. Through our expanding MENA practice, we have established strong ties with regulatory bodies, bolstered by our active on-the-ground presence. We regularly advise clients on all aspects of business operation and risk management, including corporate governance issues, corporate fiduciary duties, disclosure controls, internal controls, financial reporting, corporate structuring, drafting and filing of corporate documents and agreements, and compliance programs.
Family Business
Running a family business involves unique challenges and it is essential to hire a trustworthy legal advisor who understands such concerns. Our firm offers flexible fees to our family business and private clients in Egypt, the Gulf and throughout the region, and has experience advising on succession planning, employment agreements, licensing, exit strategies, tax planning, asset transfer, and real estate planning. We also advise clients on best practices when it comes to separation of personal interests and assets from company resources.
Our real estate and property law practice is expanding. Our lawyers have counseled private and corporate clients on acquisitions and sales, construction, financing, hospitality and leisure, land use, planning and development, leasing, environmental law, insurance and tax, in and outside of Egypt in domestic and cross-border transactions.
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