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Online presentation by Dr Walid Hegazy, Dr Walid Hegazy the Founder and Managing Partner at Hegazy & Partners, a MENA-Based international law firm, spoke about Fatwa on fatwa in the works of Shari’ah supervisory boards in the AAOIFI. AAOIFI under the auspices of the Central Bank of Bahrain was pleased to organize its 19th annual AAOIFI Shari'ah Boards Conference virtually on 12-13 October.


Online event at AUC career center. The attendees are AUC graduating students and alumni. The event is virtual in 18th of Oct. The presenter will be Ms Lauren Williams. The event is for raising awareness about the legal rights of the employee in Egypt.


Online event with Nile University Egypt. The attendees were students and staff members from the university. The event was streaming live on the official Facebook page of the university. The event was an info session about raising awareness to students and other attendees about the employee legal in Egypt. The info session was given by Mr Islam Magdy, Senior Associate, and Ms Lauren Williams, legal consultant. The event was in 11th of Oct 2021.

الطرق القانونية للرد على الفيلم المسئ للإسلام

Daily Debate 28 2 2021 Dr Waleed Hegazy

الطرق القانونية للرد على رئيس الرقابة المالية الأسبق: غياب العدالة الناجزة يسمح بزيادة حجم الفساد

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