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Fraud and Asset Recovery
Corporate fraud charges can be a danger to your company. The challenges to implementing and maintaining effective compliance and fraud controls are numerous, and are particularly complex for businesses beginning to expand globally. Our lawyers have extensive experience in combating fraud claims at every stage. We help companies prioritize risk while also designing and committing to anti-fraud initiatives. We counsel public and private businesses that have received the proceeds of fraud or have been defrauded themselves.

We have counseled high net worth individuals and financial institutions. We have also investigated and prosecuted fraud claims, guiding clients to successful outcomes and recovery of misdirected and misappropriated funds.

Money Laundering

Our team, supported by our network of offices across the globe, supports companies with legal advice on compliance with and enforcement of all aspects of anti-money laundering (AML) rules and regulations. Armed with expertise in Egypt’s AML requirements and transaction reporting requirements, asset-blocking and and know-your-customer (KYC) rules, our lawyers are equipped to mitigate enforcement problems, evaluate clients’ existing AML procedures and, where necessary, design and implement new best practices for AML.

Our team regularly counsels businesses involved in AML examinations and investigations. Our ties with regulatory bodies involved in AML operations, like the Egyptian Money Laundering Combating Unit, inform our familiarity with the enforcement environment and enable us to better protect managers and employees subject to investigative and enforcement efforts.

Non-governmental Organizations

Egypt is the domicile of hundreds of foreign and national civic and social organizations, commonly referred to as “non-governmental organizations” (NGO). Persons wishing to establish an NGO, in Egypt, have to be aware of the relatively-complex legal and political factors, which strongly influence the establishing and functioning of NGOs in Egypt.

Our attorneys have experience in the provision of legal services to NGOs in Egypt. Our legal services in this regard cover the pre and post-setting-up process. Our attorneys are fully capable to meet the needs of NGOs and assist them with conducting business with public authorities to facilitate the achievement of their mission.

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