On 8 March 2022, the Notary Public Authority issued Technical Leaflet no. 8/2022, based on Resolution no. 1127/2021 as decreed by its internal committee.  

The instructions clarify the status of documents signed by foreigners officially residing in Egypt and authenticated by embassies and consulates.

In order for such documents to be subject to the new regulations, the foreigner’s Egyptian residency must be indicated in the documents.

The Notary Public Authority distinguishes official documents from powers of attorney (POAs).

  1. Official Documents

Any official documents authenticated by foreign consular authorities in Egypt for their citizens in accordance with the applicable foreign law and include a provision permitting the document’s execution abroad shall be considered as foreign documents. Such documents can be used as evidence but do not have executory power until they are executed in accordance with Civil and Commercial Procedures Law no. 13/1968.

  • Powers of Attorney

Power of attorney issued before the consular authorities in Egypt between the holders of the nationality to which the consuls belong takes the ruling of the power of attorney issued before the foreign authorities and can be used in Egypt once authenticated by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the concerned persons may deposit them in the notary public offices and branches and extract copies of them whenever they wish to do so.