The New Hotels and Tourism Establishments Law in Egypt.

The new Hotels and Tourism Establishments no. 8/2022 was promulgated in Egypt in March (“Law”). The law cancels and replaces Law no. 1/1973 and it regulates the licensing and regulatory compliance requirements for hotels and tourism establishments. Executive Regulations to the law are expected to be issued within the next six months.

  • According to the law, any individual who is working in the management or the supervision of a hotel or a tourism establishment must have a special license from the MOT. Licensing fees will range from EGP 300 to EGP 20,000 and renewal fees will be assessed at 50% of the licensing fee.
  • Any substantial modification in the hotel or the tourism establishment or its activities will require a special license from the MOT. The criteria for a “substantial modification” will be defined in the upcoming Executive Regulations. Hotels and tourism establishments will be required to pay an inspection fee ranging from EGP 500 to EGP 100,000.
  • The Law requires hotels and tourism establishments to disclose monthly lists of guests to the Ministry of Tourism in addition to the lists that must be disclosed to the Ministry of Interior.
  • Hotels and tourism establishments are required to install inside and outside CCTV cameras. Additional security measures may be announced in the Executive Regulations.
  • Tourism establishments are not allowed to serve alcohol or shisha/narghile water pipes without a special license from the MOT. The new licensing fees will range from EGP 1000 to EGP 100,000 and can be renewed annually for 50% of the original fees.

Only foreigners will be allowed to gamble in licensed hotels and touristic establishments. The Ministry of Tourism will issue a separate decision specifying the establishments where gambling may be practiced and the royalty fees to be assessed.