Personal Vehicle Import Tax Recovery

Egypt recently passed Law no. 161/2022, which permits Egyptians living in foreign countries to import one passenger vehicle to Egypt for personal or family use and recover all paid Egyptian taxes, customs fees, and VAT.

To qualify for the exemption, an Egyptian expatriate must be at least 16 years old, hold a valid foreign residency permit, and own a foreign bank account. Spouses and children of Egyptian expats are exempted from the bank account requirement if they fulfill the other conditions.

Law no. 161/2022 applies to recently purchased vehicles that are no more than three years old.

Expats wishing to import their cars must register the car’s details and transfer 100% of the customs duties, fees, and taxes in foreign currency from their bank account abroad to the Ministry of Finance. If for any reason it is impossible to import the vehicle, all of the money will be refunded. Otherwise, Egyptian expats will recover all amounts paid, without interest, after five years in Egyptian pounds. The tax recovery initiative will be in force for the next four months.