On August 31st, 2023, the Prime Minister issued Cabinet Decree no. 3326 of 2023 regulating the residency permit for foreigners in Egypt who have applied for any kind of visa or permit (tourist or otherwise) at the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality.


  1. Under the regulations, foreigners applying for residency either for tourism or other purposes must convert the value of the relevant fees from US dollars or other hard currency to Egyptian pounds through a local bank or a registered foreign exchange company and submit an invoice of that transaction along with their standard residency permit paperwork.
  • Illegal foreign residents should legalize their stay under a condition of having a host carrying the Egyptian nationality, within three months of enacting this decree. Illegal foreign residents are foreigners who have either entered the country through illicit means or have not completed the required legal procedures to continue their residence in Egypt lawfully. Such individuals must pay administrative fees of USD 1000, in addition to the standard residency expenses as described above.

Hegazy and Partners is prepared to consult with foreigners who wish to know more about how these regulations affect their residency status in Egypt, whether as tourists, employees, students, or refugees.

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