In-person proceedings have always been the characteristic feature
of litigation in Egypt. In other words, physical court attendance had
been mandatory in all litigation proceedings from the start to the

At the end of 2020, the Ministry of Justice took into account the
difficulties faced by Egyptian attorneys regarding attending and
following up on each mandatory proceeding for the successful
filing of lawsuits and implemented alternative litigation attendance

First of all, the Ministry of Justice initiated the option of filing
lawsuits virtually in six Egyptian Courts of First Instance which are
New Cairo Court, Port-Said Court, North Cairo Court, South Cairo
Court, South Giza and North Giza Courts as per the instructions of
the Egyptian president to develop and automate the Egyptian
litigation system. Such decision is an excellent service for litigation
attorneys that facilitates and accelerates the fulfillment of their
clients’ rights.

This month, the same virtual filing service was temporarily enabled
by the Minister of Justice for the North Sinai Courts of First

In the latest development of this important initiative, the Ministry of
Justice met with the partners of 15 law firms on June 13th in order
to discuss the expansion of the virtual lawsuit filing and the overall
digital transformation of the judicial system.

The discussion covered the newest electronic systems enabled in
this regard and the utility of such services for Egyptian law firms in
order to develop the judicial system to the highest possible

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