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Litigation / Arbitration

Resolve problems with greater speed or discretion

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Traditional litigation is not always the most appropriate solution for legal disputes. Alternative dispute resolution can be more efficient for companies that prefer to resolve problems with greater speed or discretion than traditional methods can provide. The global nature of so many of our clients’ businesses means that they can be exposed in a variety of jurisdictions, sometimes with little control over how legal disputes are solved.

We have handled litigation and arbitration for scores of governmental and business clients. We also have aided clients in the enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards in foreign jurisdictions, and have counseled clients in obtaining evidence for use in foreign proceedings.

Construction Disputes

Construction disputes can be highly technical. Companies require counsel with the flexibility and resources to provide the necessary expertise. Our lawyers, some of whom who are trained as engineers, have handled a broad range of complex construction disputes. We draw upon our construction expertise from our global team, and also hire outside experts for maximum efficiency and capability to ensure a successful outcome for our clients. We have advised clients on schedule delays, labor inefficiencies, the effects of design deficiencies, and the various related monetary damages.

International Arbitration

Our International Arbitration practice has represented private parties, sovereign governments, and state-owned enterprises in international commercial and investment arbitrations around the globe.  Our attorneys have experience in a number of fora, including the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and UNCITRAL and other ad-hoc rules.

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