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Employment Law

Advise on maintaining the strength of labor relationships

Labor Law

We have vast experience counseling our clients with regard to their labor relationships. We advise multinationals and small businesses on how best to maintain the strength of their labor relationships and to minimize the risk of future conflict. We have experience drafting individual and multilateral labor and management contracts and structuring comprehensive internal regulations and arrangements. We advise on every aspect of the labor relationship, including compensation, training, stock option plans, retirement, pension and social security plans.


Company Policies

Company policies provide structure and uniformity in the employee-employer relationship, and also provide important legal protection. The determination and documentation of official company policy requires care and attention. Our lawyers help companies ensure that their policies conform to employment regulations.


Labor Disputes

Even with the best possible policies and procedures, labor disputes may still occur, particularly for multinational corporations employing large numbers of people across the globe. Our lawyers provide procedures for the settlement of such disputes, ensuring they are resolved with minimal disruption. We regularly advise clients regarding professional qualification for laborers, the termination of labor relationships, the prevention and handling of discrimination or harassment claims, wrongful terminations, and wage and hour claims.

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