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English Sun - Thus 09:00-18:00
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Our Dubai Office

Hegazy and Partners leverages more than 30 years of international and regional experience to provide exceptional legal services utilizing a creative, quality-oriented and business-aware approach. 

In 2018, Hegazy and Partners expanded the scope and depth of its regional services through launching a partnership with the Dubai-based law firm Triple A. Amira Saqer Advocates and Legal Consultants (Triple A). Triple A was founded by Ahmed Abdulshafe, Ahmed Saber, and Amira Saqer to set a new, unparalleled standard for legal services in Dubai.

The firm’s specialties include trademarks, medical negligence, financial crimes, media disputes, UAE tax law, and information security. Our clients benefit from the combined expertise and professionalism of both firms, as cross-border concerns are handled seamlessly.

Triple A’s team consists of knowledgeable pioneers providing a variety of sophisticated, complementary legal services to our clients in Dubai in the following key fields:

  • Arbitration
  • Intellectual Property
  • Personal Status
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Medical Negligence
  • Immigration and Nationality
  • Banking
  • Commercial Corporate Compliance
  • Tax Law
  • Labor
  • Contracting Sector
  • Cyber Security
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Financial Crimes
  • Probate

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