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Telecommunications & Technology

An innovative approach to solving customers' technological and telecom challenges

As technology advances around the world, our region is no exception. Consumers in the region are waiting
the latest technology and the most modern network infrastructure to make this technology work.
In the face of rapidly changing regulatory systems, it is imperative that companies in these sectors
have a legal support as responsive and innovative as any smartphone application.

We are very proud of our innovative approach to solving problems related to telecom technologies and customers.
Assistance to a leading integrated telecommunications carrier GCC in the business, writing of
contracts for a US technology company under regional agreements we’ve seen all the parties
of this company. Our lawyers, some of whom are trained in engineering, are familiar with
Intellectual property law and are able to protect customers in difficult regulatory environments.
We have helped innovative companies expand into the Middle East and Africa by providing advice.
on strategic incorporation into key markets.

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